Friday, May 10, 2019

Pro Bangali Assistant-Pro Bangali "Writing Partner" program

Pro Bangali Assistant

Glad to see here,
I am Pro Bangali Assistant, 
Here I am to assist you for Pro Bangali "Writing Partner" program.


Deare visitor is an individual Quotes, SMS & Poem Sharing platform. 

Where I publish Quotes, SMS, Shayari & Poems in the various category in three languages English, Hindi, Bengali like-


  • Attitude Quotes
  • Romantic Quotes
  • Sad Quotes etc.


  • Romantic SMS
  • Sad SMS
  • Friendship SMS
  • Wishing SMS etc


  • Romantic Poems 
  • Sad Poems
  • Funny Poems etc


  • Romantic Shayari
  • Sad Shayari
  • Funny Shayari etc
I publish these in three languages English, Hindi, Bengali.

What is the Pro Bangali "Writing Partner" program & why we launched this program?

  • Why my launched this Program?

Friends my goal is to make Pro the biggest collection of Quotes, SMS, Poem, Shayari within 2022. But, I hope all of you guys will understand that maintaining the website properly takes lots of time and also my website is at the initial level so now I am one man army for this website. It is getting very difficult to reach the goal because of writing a Poem, Romantic SMS, Poem, Shayari it requires a ton of creativity level and true friends I am not enough creative to imagine 50,000 unique heart touchy group of lines especially when I haven't any relationship experience yet.

That's why I decided to build a community with all of my creative friends. Who writes their feelings, emotion in a diary or anywhere now write these things in Pro Bengali, And let know thousand of peoples about your creativity & get 1000 Rupees of PayTm Cash Gift from me.

Earning 1000 PayTm Cash T&C:

  • If you write a single Shayari, SMS, Poem or Quotes then the note will check for duplicate content first if your note 100% unique then your note will publish on an existing related post on You don't get paid for this note. But you can receive Google Play Gift card or Amazon gift voucher and we will mention your name with your note.

  • If you write a minimum 300-word content with a couple of poems or Shayari etc  (If you writing Shayari content the write only Shayari. Don't mix up like 150 words Shayari 150 word Attitude quotes) will check for duplicate content first if your note 100% unique then your content will publish as a post on In the post, we will definitely give you the credit. When your content will reach the unique 1k likes then you will get 1000 PayTm cash gift from me.

How to become a Pro Bangali "Writing Partner" how to start writing? 

It's simple, just visit in and go to the submit your post page and start writing. Must submit a correct email and name for payment.

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